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The Company offers freight services for general cargo, groupage and ADR in national and international territory, predominantly in Spain, France, Germany and Benelux

In 1996, it began implementing the quality assurance system, in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9002 standard, with the objectives of continuously improving the quality of services provided and fully satisfying customer needs.
The Quality System implemented in the company was certified by APCER in April 1999, in the field of public road transport of goods: general cargo, bulk and dangerous goods, fulfilling the requirements of NP EN ISO 9002: 1995.
In 2002 it was made the transition to the new NP EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard.
In 2009 it was introduced an innovated system of computer tools, implemented an ERP - "PHC ADVANCED", proceeded with the renewal of its fleet and maintained its Quality Management System certified by APCER.
In 2010 the company made the transition to the new standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2008
In 2009 confirmed the difficulties already noted in 2008 in the transport sector. These difficulties forced companies to increase their creativity, innovation and opportunity. This is how the new "Pallet Logistics" activity started in 2010 and integrated within the scope of the QMS. in 2011, after an audit by APCER.
In 2017, the changes to the Quality Management System were developed and implemented so that it can be evidenced in accordance with the version of NORMA NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.


COMPANY views quality as one of the strategic factors in the development of your organization.
Management is committed to meet the legal and other requirements considered within the scope of the Quality System and to increasing continuous improvement, in particular by reviewing and adapting the quality objectives.
In this context, it is necessary to establish and maintain a quality program planned and developed with the participation of all employees in order to develop activities based on the following principles:

  • Dialog and work with the client to satisfy
  • Select vendors to be competitive
  • Train and train employees not to fail
  • Evaluate processes and their activities to improve

Continuously improve the activities, results and satisfaction of stakeholders. Meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements under the QMS
Based on the assumption that quality concerns everyone, without exception, the company has adopted a philosophy that is supported by the participation of all its employees. For the company, this is a fundamental factor for the development and evolution of the same.


Transportes Mariano, in possession of information on the context and interaction with stakeholders identified as the most relevant, establishes the objectives, which are multiplied in quantified and measurable objectives, referenced for each process, through which performance, resources are managed, methodologies are applied, always with the purpose of guaranteeing adequate performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

The performance monitoring is done periodically at management meetings and annually registered at the Quality Management System Review.
Generally the quality objectives are:

  • To obtain the Client's participation in the definition of the service that best meets their needs and to provide them with means and methods to ensure that the agreed requirements are met;
  • Continuously improve competitiveness through the selection and evaluation of our suppliers and partners in the business of valuing people and technological innovation in the means used;
  • Raise awareness, train and train employees of the company, in order to provide skills and enable them to develop activities with efficiency and quality;
  • Perform services in accordance with applicable technical and legal requirements, as well as with the contractual requirements established on a case-by-case basis;
  • Ensure that Quality is thought systematically and put into practice in all phases (activities and respective tasks) of our services;