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Working hours

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Contingency plan

Following the current pandemic situation and given that we are a highly mobile company, despite having an internal Contingency Plan in place, all of our customers and suppliers are required to comply with the standards issued by the DGS and carefully comply with the rules of respiratory label and reinforcement of hygiene measures

Respiratory label:

  • cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing
  • use a tissue or the arm, never with your hands
  • throw the tissue in the trash
  • wash your hands whenever you blow, sneeze or cough

Hygiene measures:

  • wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution
  • avoid hand contact with door handles and handrails
  • avoid close contact with patients with respiratory infections
  • avoid using other people's work equipment, namely computer equipment.
  • proceed with the cleaning of spaces and equipment.

Other measures:

  • make disinfectant available for use by employees and customers
  • avoid closed places or with high crowds of people
  • wearing masks in the workplace. According to the current situation in Portugal, the use of a mask for individual protection is mandatory.
  • perform the functions in teleworking, whenever the function allows

Visits and / or Meetings:

  • whenever there is a need to make a visit, it must be scheduled with the respective department, in order to set a date and time.
  • whenever possible, meetings should be held by videoconference.